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Sound of Things

The Product

To monitor your machines or things we aim to use sounds, captured by acoustical or optical microphones, instead of sensors. Our Sound of Things (SOT) platform is the next generation of your IOT landscape. We offer significant savings compared to classical IOT environments on the market. Our product can be used standalone or as an extension of your existing IOT landscape. We offer local or cloud deployment, based on your existing IT landscape.

Sound of Things

Pitch Video

For the Bits & Pretzels conference we have created a one-minute pitch-video. The video shows the general idea of Sound of Things and how we are able to replace IOT by SOT.

Sound of Things

Use Cases

Traffic monitoring

On any busy traffic location, we are able to track the sounds of surroundings and detect certain objects. For example we are able to track vehicles driving on the street. By analyzing the sound our Artificial Intelligence is able to track: speed, acceleration, deceleration as well as exceptions such as crashs. By tracking, we are able to improve safety of traffic areas.

Car Monitoring

We capture the inside and the surroundings of the car. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) is then able to predict certain events. The training of the algorithm is done by extracting the data from the CANBUS OBD2 interface and map the machine data to the captured sound. This enables us to predict more events than the sensors built-in the car.

Production monitoring

Our aim is to replace certain IOT sensors by capturing sound and vibrations of machines. By using optical microphones of the company Xarion, we are able to capture sound out of the frequency of human hearings. Therefore we can automatically check metal weldseams. We are able to monitor a single machine or your complete production line.

Sound of Things


Use-Case 1: Production monitoring

Use-Case 2: Traffic monitoring

Use-Case 3: Car monitoring

Sound of Things

The Process

Measure & Capture

As a first step our team measures the sounds of your machine and their surroundings. The relevant frequencies are identified for filtering of the data. All sounds or your machine and the surroundings, even sounds out of the human accustic range are captured via optical or acoustic microphones. The first filtering is applied on the device, for example human noises are identified and deleted. Then the data gets saved local or in the cloud, depending on your use-case and data protection rules. During the capture process, the size of the data is minimized by compressing and filtering.

Analyze via Artificiall Intelligence

The SOT platform then analysis the data via Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The models for the training are created by XaaSfarm. The models are then trained using machine data or doing a manual training of set of audio files. We support the manual training process by offering a web interface.


We offer two ways of deal with the result so Artificial Intelligence. We offer predefined dashboards to presents non-critical results. We use templates of Microsoft Power BII, which can be modified and extended by the customers. The second option is to directly influence to production, by raising alerts or even stop machines.

Sound of Things (SOT)

The Deployment Options

Data privacy is a sensitive topic in Europe. Therefore, we have decided to offer various deployment options. The decision between the deployment options should be made by the customer’s IT department. We recommend the cloud version to get started with SOT.

  • te $
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Most used solution
    • Highest quality of AI models
    • Low hardware costs
    • Access everywhere 24/7
    • No local maintenance
  • a a
  • Local Deployment
  • Maximal privacy
    • No data in the cloud
    • Lowest latencies
    • Real-time processing of data
  • a $
  • Hybrid Deployment
  • The expert solution
    • Best of cloud and local
    • Highest availability
Sound of Things (SOT)