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The Concept

Today agencies, video production companies and small producers are forced to manage Excel documents, e-mails, links and local favorites, platforms, written notes, etc. Maiven is your future platform offering video project management combined with deep video analysis empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). A „maven“ is a person with good knowledge or understanding of a subject. We give this person the necessary features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and make him become a mAIven.


The Value

The mAIven platform is made for agencies, producers and medium to smaller creative companies. Our aim is to bring the different sources of information into one platform.

Every employee has Mails in his inbox, even on different accounts. The mobile phone contains a to-do list with important tasks. Appointments are made in various calenders for people working together on one project. Excel is used to create lists of contacts and save links of similiar videos. Handwritten notes are flying around almost everywhere in the office. We want to bring all of this together in an AI visual content management platform. With the power of Artificial Intelligence we offer unlimited access to your video content and help share information in a clever way.


The Features

The features of the platform are divided into two areas. The project management takes care of details of the project, project maps with assigned videos. The Visual Content Management offers a search functionality to browse through your video content.

Project Management
  • Customer management and assignment of projects
  • Project management and production planning
  • Invite all project members to one collaboration platform
  • Share videos across project members
  • Share contact data and project information
  • Search for relations through project, production and videos
  • Import contacts from various sources
    e.g. Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outlook, Google…
  • User management, roles and authorization
Visual Content Management
  • Automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis of video content
  • Use your existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) services
  • Choose from XaaSfarm, Google, Azure, Amazon
  • Search google like in your videos for content
  • Detailed scene recognition
  • Automatic creation of content tags
  • Detection and labeling of objects and persons directly in the video
  • Graphical tool for retrain the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms

The References

Sterntag is a commercial film production company based in Hamburg and Berlin and a little hub in Düsseldorf with a special portfolio of national and international directors. Sterntag is using our mAIven platform since the beginning of 2020. Together we are working on improvements of the platform to make sure, we meet the business goals of working with visual content.

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