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Thanks to your votes and your hep, we are in the semi-final of the Bits & Pretzels start-up pitches. We will pitch on the 28th of September between 6 and 7pm. If you have a ticket for the Bits & Pretzels, we are happy to see you in the session! https://agenda.bitsandpretzels.com/ We will keep you posted! Thanks again for your help!

We finally made it! Since yesterday, our video for the Bits & Pretzels is online. We already received 80 likes, thanks a lot for this! ­čśŐ Please all vote for our idea: https://pitch.bitsandpretzels.com/entry-wrapper/entry/111 With your vote, we hopefully get the chance to pitch our idea of Sound of Things to a broader audience. Thanks in advance for your vote!