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XaaSfarm GmbH +49 (0) 89-21544102 contact@xaas.farm

XaaSfarm is a german company, founded in Munich in October 2019. The company is currently focusing on the development and go-to-market of two products. The „Sound of Things (SOT)“ platform for industrial companies and the vaip.ai video platform for creatives, agencies and video producing companies.



vaip.ai is your future platform offering video project management combined with deep video analysis empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Sound of Things (SOT)

To monitor your machines or things we aim to use sounds, captured by acoustical or optical microphones, instead of sensors.

  1. History

    Founding XaaSfarm GmbH

    The company was founded by Benjamin Reich, Sascha Ladewig and Peter Wenzel. We decided to found the company in Munich.


  2. History

    Won first customer Sterntag

    We won our first customer Sterntag from Hamburg. We started developing the mAIven video plattform.